Integrating Meditation and Psychedelic Research Initiative

The IMPRINT survey marks the beginning of a research programme interested in deepening and refining the dialogue between meditation and psychedelic research. The data we collect will further our understanding of the relationship between meditation practice preferences, personality traits, and the use of psychedelics. No psychedelic experience is required for participation.

Possible benefits of participating in this study: 

  • You support foundational research questions on the role of personality in meditation practice and views about psychedelics 

  • You inform the scientific community about meditators’ views on psychedelics 

  • Your personal experience helps shape better theories about the relationship between meditation and psychedelics

  • You help develop intervention studies investigating the combined effects of meditation and psychedelic practice on life satisfaction, meaning-making, and well-being

Confidentiality and anonymity: This study uses an anonymous online survey that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The data you provide is very valuable to us. No personally identifying information will be collected and we will not record your IP address. All obtained data are anonymous. Hence, the publication of study results will not include any data that can identify you.

To take part in this study you must be at least 18 years old, have a good understanding of the English language, and have maintained a regular meditation practice (at least 3 times per week) during the last 12 months. This study has received full ethical approval from University College London’s Research Ethics Committee (Project ID: 10043/004) and is led by Marco Schlosser ( at University College London. 


For more information, please read the full Study Information Sheet. We greatly appreciate the time you dedicate to this project.